How can institutions get involved?


All HE Jisc members are eligible to apply to use KB+ at no additional charge. Fill out this contact form and we'll get back to you

FE Jisc members and other parties interested in using KB+ should contact us at

Implementation, advice and support

• Accounts for HE institutions are already set up in KB+. After an initial contact with the KB+ team, access is granted and a training/assessment meeting proposed.

• All KB+ accounts are populated with subscription data from Jisc Collections, on a monthly basis. Account holders may request the team to stop the updates at any time. They may also ask to receive alerts on the subscriptions that have been uploaded.

• Adopters will be offered additional support and advice in the population of KB+ with institutional data.

• KB+ provides a regular programme of free training sessions for new and existing users, taking into account the needs of the community.

• KB+ may also undertake training courses for individual organizations on request.

• Training workshops are supported by appropriate material that may be downloaded at no extra cost from the KB+ web site. For more information, please visit (

• In order to be eligible for training sessions, an institution needs to apply for affiliation to KB+ (one application per institutions is enough).

• The KB+ team accesses accounts on an adhoc basis to investigate any issues and to carry out updates, for example the monthly uploading of subscription information.

• KB+ includes an integrated support system and additional user support is provided by the KB+ team during office hours Monday to Friday at no extra charge. Requests for support can be also sent to

• Participating institutions are strongly advised to join the KB+ mailing list KBPLUS_ UPDATES

• New or updated documentation will be available by the start date of any new or updated functionality.